Adopting or Fostering

Our priority is ensuring the animals in our care go to the home that is the absolute best for them. What constitutes a “good” home is unique to each animal and our application process is designed to support this goal, keeping the animal’s happiness and well being at the forefront of all we do!

If you are interested in adopting or fostering an animal from the Sanctuary at Bluebird Lane, you can click on the “Adoption Application” link below to review and complete an application so we can learn more about you. Once we have received your completed application we will either contact you to set up a Zoom adoption interview, or respectfully let you know we do not feel the Sanctuary at Bluebird Lane is a good match for your adoption needs or circumstances.

If you are approved for adoption we will spend time discussing which animals might be a good match for you, talk to you about logistics and timing if you are adopting a Galgo or Podenco from Spain, go over characteristics and important things to know about the type of animal you wish to adopt, and spend time answering any questions you may have. Our biggest goal in any adoption is to find the right human and situation for the animals in our care. 

If you adopt a dog from Spain the cost is $900. To adopt a dog that originated in the US, the cost is $400.