The Sanctuary at Bluebird Lane was officially started by Alisha Strobel in January of 2020. We are non-profit dedicated to providing support, transitional services, and a loving home for hounds, burros, horses, pigs, sheep, and chickens. While we provide sanctuary for our farm and hound friends, our primary focus is on partnering with Spanish rescue organizations to safely re-home Spanish Galgos and Podencos in the Rocky Mountain Western region of the United States. As part of our mission, we work tirelessly to generate awareness about the plight of the Galgos and Podencos in Spain and share the gentle, silly, loving, athletic personalities of these noble sighthounds.

Permanent Residents of SABL

The Sanctuary at Bluebird Lane is also a permanent home for 8 hounds, 5 horses, 3 burros, 3 pigs, 2 mini ponies, 7 sheep, chickens,  a ranch panther (cat), and two dedicated humans. Check out some of our beloved family members below.